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Transformers Titles In Cinema 4D

Firman Machda is a motion graphic designer/director from Bandung, Indonesia. Graduated from Newport School of Art and Design, his work has been featured internationally by magazines and festivals such as Stash, Computer Arts, Edinburgh International Film Festival (Trailblazers Award 2008) and Fresh Film Festival. He started motion by design with his friends to share his passion in motion art.

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Vector & Bitmap Graphic

Need to be noticed before importing a file to project AE file? Make sure all your vector or bitmap files have 72dpi resolution and RGB color mode. 

Tips for a clean workflow


Making a masterpiece motion graphics or storyboards animation is absolute, but some designers do not use storyboard in their work, because all that will be done already in his head and be miming at bear betul2. But the storyboard should be prepared before starting work so that everything that will be executed is clear and in accordance with our wishes.


Naming files, folders or sequence files are also very important small things, especially with the AE working system that links the file in its project file … naming of files should be easy to remember and in accordance with the contents of the file, eg AI image file of the sun, should be named (sun.ai) in
addition to naming, file penyususnan in the folder is also important, because when we have a lot of project files, it is difficult to find files that we will use. 

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How to make your movie into 3D stereoscopic

Ok, I'm back: p heehhehe anyway a few days ago I was looking for camera rig for c4d accidentally even nemu tutorial how to make your movie into 3d plus can camera rig 3d stereoscopicnya make c4d huuuuhuuhuh ... .. a nice surprise. Then I tried to test for my movie...

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