Motion Graphics is an advanced animation technique used in different fields. It is used in military base, medicine, sports and of course fields like filmmaking, information technology, and robotics, and much more. If you understand the words motion and capture then it is not difficult to understand what motion capture is. Motion Graphics is the art of recording the motion of the objects. The capture process can be both in 2D and 3D, and later they are converted into the required format. The best thing about motion capture is that once you have the action that you wanted you can then turn it anything. For instance, you can capture the motion of a flexible tube, record it and then project it like a reptile. Cartoons of the recent times are the best place where you can understand how motion capture works.

where you can understand how motion capture works.

Motion Capture and Movies:

Filmmaking is one of the industries where the motion capture technology is predominantly used. Though they are used in many other fields as well, a common man can understand what motion capture is only through movies. Cinema is one place where you can turn every wild and unrealistic thought of your into reality. Imagine bringing a person like Hulk into reality, or creating a movie like Avatar, a movie that redefined world cinema. Movies like the Harry Potter and the Planet of Apes, and much more would not have been possible without the concept of Motion technology. You can never skip something like cinema when you are talking about Motion Capture.

List of the Best Motion Graphics Software

The animation is one thing that fascinated all of us at some point in time. We wanted to know how they work. Motion Capture is one of the advanced branches of Animation and here are some of the software applications that you have to know if you would like to master the art of motion capture.

So here goes the list:

Adobe After Effects: Adobe is the first name that comes to mind if we talk about editing, picture effects, and animation. If you are interested in animations or motion capture, then it is imperative that you know After Effect. It starts from the scratch and reaches the advanced stage without much of a difficulty

Nuke: Nuke is a product of the Foundry. It is the software application that is widely used in the field of cinema, and its uses are very much versatile. It is praised as the most powerful motion graphics software in the market. It is predominantly used in the post-production part of movie making.

Apple Motion: One of the most effective software applications available in the market as far as Motion Graphics is concerned is Apple Motion. Updated plug-ins, special effects and innovative tools for a cost that is comparatively less than that of its competitors makes it the best software ever. While there are questions regarding quality when compared to other applications, it is the best product if you are a Final Cut Pro X user.

Red Giant: Red Giant products came into existence in the year 2002. It is one among the best video making and Motion Graphics software that is on the market as of 2017. Just like other software applications in the list a lot of plug-ins and tools are available in the software. Trapcode is one of the best suites available in this software.

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